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Renaud Avocats advises you and offers trainings on Social Law in Lyon

RENAUD Avocats : a training organization led by practitioners of Social Law

RENAUD AVOCATS is registered as a training organization with French authorities. The training courses offered in this capacity can be totally allocated to your training budget. All of the documents required to allocate trainings to your training plan or to have the training covered by your OPCA (training funds management partner) are systematically prepared (training conventions, sign-in sheets…).

An interactive and practical approach to training

Our trainers are all lawyers with recognized experience and practice on the themes covered.
Our training sessions take place in small groups (15 maximum) in order to allow plentiful time for exchange and practical questions.
Each training session is split with the morning devoted to reminders of the legal fundamentals followed by an afternoon devoted to handling real practical cases in order to achieve in-depth and concrete application in the participants’ professional practice.

Program of our trainings

Our training sessions take place in the meeting rooms on our premises with projection of a PowerPoint slide deck (free parking and wifi). Our training fees include our training supports (including the presentation, the legal texts of reference and jurisprudence, the practical cases covered…); the breakfast and lunch that we share together are also included.


During the week following the training, each participant has the opportunity to question the lawyer/trainer by email in order to clarify or specify a point covered during the training session (one question per participant).

Tailor-made intra-company training

We offer trainings inside your company (for managers or HR personnel) designed with you to fit your specifications; we cover all the themes of labor law or social security.

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