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Management of work accidents, health and safety, quality of work life

Solely ruled by occupational health doctors, work disability just like any ability with reservations or therapeutic half time requires the implementation of a specific procedure that Renaud Avocats can assist you with.

Illustrations of missions:

Strategic legal counsel reservations regarding ability to work or a medical opinion on disability that is disconnected from the realities of the company’s operations.

As well as the management of work accidents and occupational illnesses in the case of claims to fill out and actions to put into place, legal challenges regarding work accidents and illnesses, and disputes.

Illustrations of missions:

  • Accompaniment to manage serious work accidents  in Construction – Public works or the transportation sector: statements and the formulation of useful reservations, Health and Safety Committee inquiries (CHSCT), exchanges with Labor Inspection, inquiries by CPAM, seizing of the Commission for Amicable recourse…
  • Challenge of a claim concerning professional illness for burn-out in the banking insurance sector
  • Assistance in the framework of a procedure to recognize inexcusable misconduct by an employer’s delegate, subsequent to failure to meet a training obligation regarding the safety of an employee on a dangerous machine (industrial foundry sector)

Our staff also provide precious support to manage obligations in terms of health and work safety: labor doctor, official document to appraise risks, Presidency of the health and safety committee (CHSCT) and management of various relations (expertise, warning procedures, imminent and grave danger…) and advises you regarding the prevention of psycho-social risks (work-related stress, moral/sexual harassment …) and the quality of work life.

Illustrations of missions:

  • Assistance to manage moral harassment accusations directed against a hierarchical superior
  • Assistance to conduct a project for the prevention of psycho-social risks subsequent to a warning and expertise right exercised by the Health and safety committee; implementation of actions enabling the employer’s lability to be alleviated/limited (hearing of employees in collaboration with the Health and safety committee, mediation proposals, relations with the labor doctor and labor inspection etc…)
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