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Management of labor court disputes and work relations

Renaud Avocats, a firm specialized in labor law, assists and represents employers in the framework of all of their work-related disputes whether this be before the Labor Court (reconciliation hearings, judgment office, interim order hearings), before the Tribunal of first instance and high courts, in disputes with government administrations or during mediations.

Illustrations of missions disputes before the Labor Court:

  • Challenges concerning dismissals for inaptitude, misconduct, professional insufficiency or economic reasons
  • Disputes regarding notification or legal termination of a work contract
  • Disputes involving moral harassment or employee/union discrimination
  • Disputes regarding overtime claims and challenges targeting the set number of work days
  • Disputes concerning reclassification of short-term contracts.

Illustrations of missions handling collective labor disputes:

  • Challenges concerning worker representative elections
  • Challenges concerning the designation of union delegates
  • Disputes regarding the designations and fees of Works Council and health and safety committee experts
  • Court orders in case of strike with illegal lockouts

Illustrations of missions concerning administrative disputes:

  • Disputes involving challenges regarding dismissal authorizations for protected employees
  • Disputes involving challenges of decisions made by DIRECCTE (approval of Employment Safeguard Plans)
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