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Renaud Avocats has recognized experience providing assistance to configure and remodel pay systems, and more especially: bonuses and variable remuneration, bonus plans on objectives, benefits in kind, the creation of bonuses, expense notes, restaurant tickets and vacation allowances…

Illustrations of missions:

  • Remodeling the variable remuneration system for a sales force and drafting of the related collective agreement
  • Validation of the reimbursement policy for expense notes in the Construction and Public Works sector
  • Formatting an absenteeism bonus for a clinic
  • Revision of a team bonus system and meal allowances for a company in the plastics industry

We advise you regarding the implementation of employee savings plans based on an all-encompassing legal and economic approach integrating the following accounting requirements:

  • Choice of the most pertinent tools: profit-sharing plans, PEE, PERCO, CET, employee shareholding
  • Financial aid for home builders: calculation formulas and the choice of the most pertinent options economically, financially and socially
  • Drafting the agreements and rules of procedure for the schemes
  • Management of challenges put forward by government officials and/or URSSAF reassessments

Illustrations of missions:

  • Drafting of a profit-sharing agreement with a quarterly formula based on the production performance in each production unit and an annual formula pegged on the financial results
  • Implementation of amendments modifying the measures for the distribution of profit-sharing
  • Assistance for a group in which a partial contribution of assets was carried out from one subsidiary to another, the two subsidiaries having different profit-sharing schemes: the objective was to identify profit-sharing rights for the employees of the department of the absorbed subsidiary, without destabilizing the total amount of profit sharing at the level of the two subsidiaries.
  • Drafting of a PERCO (retirement) or a decision attributing additional profit sharing
  • Comparative analysis of profit sharing tools in a group

We accompany companies in the definition or revamping of their working time organization (compensation time, modulation, set number of days/hours…); the handling of working time and accessories (travel time, on-call duty, breaks, changing time…) and the management of overtime hours (issues regarding actual working time…) and any disputes related to these topics.

Illustrations of missions:

  • Agreement on the modification of the overtime quota and of the amount of extra pay
  • Implementation of new organizations for working time: annual calculation of working time, night shifts, shift work, lump numbers of days or part time…
  • Negotiation of agreements to secure the total number of work days (group in the plastics industry, a mid-size service company)
  • Association in the medical-social sector and management of the reassessment of the set number of annual work days
  • Implementation of a policy to track travel time for employees on the road…
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