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Renaud Avocats accompanies you on all the issues linked to work contracts whether it be their drafting, their daily application, especially in the management of disciplinary sanctions, absenteeism and long-term absences.

The drafting of your work contracts

Thanks to a team of experts, our Firm ensures the safeguarding of your standard work contracts (non-fixed term contracts or CDI, short-term contracts or CDD) or more specific ones (executive managers, home office employees, delegation of powers, expats…) as well as the optimization of special clauses (non-compete clauses, clauses covering mobility, bonuses, objectives, golden parachute clauses…), temporary amendments, conventions for intra-group transfers etc…

Illustrations of missions:

  • Implementation of home office contracts for an IT firm
  • Implementation of delegation of powers and sub-delegations in a Metal industry group
  • Configuration of non-compete clauses in the distribution sector
  • Audits regarding use of short-terms contracts and implementation of standard contracts in a health organization

The management of disciplinary sanctions

The Renaud Avocats firm takes action beginning with the choice of the most suitable disciplinary sanctions (written warning, disciplinary layoff, demotion, transfer…) and includes the securing of the procedure.

The management of absenteeism and long-term absences

Renaud Avocats guides you in the case of employee absenteeism as well as in cases of long-term absences for maternity leave, parental leave or for long-term illness.

Illustrations of missions:

  • Auditing and definition of a strategy to fight absenteeism
  • Securing a dismissal procedure for long-term absence
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