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Piloting of worker representatives and collective bargaining

Our team, specialized in collective bargaining, accompanies you in the process of mandatory annual negotiations.

Illustrations of missions:

Agreement of mandatory annual negotiations or Minutes recording disagreement

Management of the agreements or mandatory plans: job hardship, male/female equality, contracts between generations
Drafting of company agreements

Illustrations of missions:

Agreement relative to the organization of working time, Provisional management of employment and competencies Agreement, agreement relative to union rights, agreement relative to home office work, agreement relative to professional equality

We also provide counsel in cases concerning projects to revise or rescind a company agreement.

Illustrations of missions:

A substitution agreement remodeling the group status of two entities before merging.

And assists you to pilot worker representative bodies:

  • Organization of worker representative elections;
  • Management of the worker representative meetings, Works Council, Health and safety committee, Worker representatives
  • Conducting consultations and information procedures
  • Management of the Economic and Social Data Base
  • Management of the budgets, means of the worker representative bodies and the number of hours of delegation credited
  • Management of expertise for the Works Council/Health and safety committee

Illustrations of missions:

  • Drafting of internal rules for the Works Council or Health and safety committee
  • Draft projects for delegation authorizations
  • Step-by-step assistance to organize worker representative elections
  • Consultation on the impact on Works Council budgets of a headcount decrease
  • Drafting of an agreement governing union rights
  • Validation of responses given to worker representatives
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