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Specialized teams offering total availability and operational pertinence

Renaud Avocats is organized in two specialized teams: a team for legal counsel (6 attorneys) and a team for legal action (6 attorneys).

This specialization gives us excellent availability in terms of legal counsel to meet urgencies in real time and provide timely proactive responses regarding trends in legislation and jurisprudence. Regarding legal action, it allows us to have a daily presence before the courts that guarantees our perfect knowledge of them and gives us an excellent image in their eyes.

Naturally, permanent exchange is organized between the teams with the two-fold objective of enabling the client to benefit from total fluidity between the two teams and generating reciprocal capitalization on cases.

A duo of privileged contacts supported by a team at your service

Each case is handled by a duo made up of one associate attorney and a supporting attorney. This organization guarantees a dual perspective regarding your case, systematic input of the associate attorney’s experience and excellent availability from a person who knows your case perfectly.

In addition to your duo of privileged contacts, it is the entire team that is at your disposal in case of urgent issues requiring an immediate response or else during holiday periods (a team on standby is organized by an associate and our teams; the firm never closes).

Operational and efficient solutions

Our approach is not limited to absolute legal requirements, but rather is built on the ever-improving efficiency of our services, particularly in budgetary terms (choice of the most adaptable response formats, packaged formulas, out-of-court settlements…) and the supply of deliverables that are the most easily exploitable from an operational point of view by HR and Management (synthesis, projects in English, Excel simulations, mark-up of projects in MS Word…): “the right return in the right amount of time”.

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