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Management of the international mobility of employees

Many foreign companies entrust us with missions to accompany them to locate operations in France, to set up French subsidiaries of foreign groups and French companies abroad.

Our vast experience in these matters allows us to offer complete accompaniment regarding work authorizations for foreign employees, the assignment of foreign employees in France for the execution of services or intra-group assignments in France.

We also take action in cases of assignment/expatriation of employees within the European Union or outside of the European Union (definition of applicable law, choice of social protection schemes, fiscal framework, salary split) or in order to explain the French social stakes in laymen’s terms to executives and HR managers of foreign groups who ensure the management of their French subsidiary.

Illustrations of missions to obtain work authorizations for foreign employees:

Integration of an American managing executive as an employee in France to become the salaried director of the French subsidiary (drafting of the ad hoc work contract, execution of immigration formalities, choice of social protection, formalization of salary split …)

Illustrations of missions to assign employees in France:

  • Consultation on the faculty to have recourse to the services of a Dutch temporary work agency employing Estonian personnel for a specific mission in France
  • Illustrations of intra-group assignment missions in France:
  • Management of the formalization of a two-month loan of an employee from the Singaporean subsidiary to the French subsidiary for a technical mission

Illustrations of assignment missions:

  • Expatriation of employees within the European Union or outside of the European Union
  • Expatriation of a development director for 3 years in Dubai
  • Assignment of a German engineer for 2 years
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